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2018 Population and the Environment Short Course

This Short Course provides an intensive two-day program on the relationship between human populations and the environments that support them.  The short course is open to graduate students and other early-career researchers interested in the topics and methods covered in the course.

About this Course:
The relationship between human populations and the environments that support them may be the most significant issue bearing on our descendants. Yet rigorous treatments of this relationship, and its implications for applied population 
ethics, are regrettably sparse.

New quantitative methods and models have been developed in the fields of analytical demography, anthropology, economics, biology, and complexity science that can shed light on important dimensions of population-environment dynamics. These advances bring a number of new concepts that enrich classical models in demography and economics, including multi-agent models, heterogeneity, hidden variables, life history, development and aging, spatial dynamics, strategic games, social influence, network theory, cultural processes, and causal inference from sparse data.

To advance science education in this area, this innovative 4-day event will bring together experts from diverse fields. In the two days preceding the short course, the instructors will collaborate to synthesize a curriculum of cutting-edge concepts and methods targeted at a multi-disciplinary graduate-level audience. During the two days of the short course, the instructors will work together to teach the newly developed curriculum to a group of participating students and early career scientists. 

Apply Now: 
Accepted students will be emailed registration information. The deadline is August 8, 2018 to apply. We will begin accepting students at the end of July. Apply now, as once the course is filled, we will stop accepting applications. 

Select "Sign Up" in the top navigation to create an account with a password to begin the application process. 

Deadline to Apply: all materials must be submitted by 23:59 MST on August 8, 2018.

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